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Self Care And Burnout CEU Courses for PTs

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How to Identify and Support Overwhelmed Caregivers For Improved Patient Outcomes and Rehospitalization Rates
Presented by Julie Crenshaw, PT, DPT, GCS
Live WebinarFri, Aug 9, 2024 at 10:00 am EDT
Course: #5017Level: Introductory2 Hours
Review of the impact of the caregiver role on quality of life measures for both the caregiver and patient. Examine the impact of improved caregiver support and education on patient care and outcomes, including rehospitalization rates and wider monetary implications for healthcare organizations. Discover resources that can help to identify caregivers who may have an increased need for education or support. Discuss several ways therapists can incorporate caregiver support in a comprehensive model of care, and we will wrap the session with an open discussion of practical and ethical considerations for physical therapists.

Acute Care Recognition, Prevention, Management of Burnout
Presented by Kristin Parlman, PT, DPT, NCS
Live WebinarWed, Oct 9, 2024 at 6:00 pm EDT
Course: #5034Level: Intermediate2 Hours
This webinar is designed to provide acute care physical therapists with the knowledge and tools to begin effectively preventing, identifying, and managing burnout. It will discuss multi-level causes of burnout, ranging from the individual perspective to the institutional level.

Burnout Prehab and Rehab: Strategies for Resilience
Presented by Lisa Flexner, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT
Live WebinarWed, Oct 30, 2024 at 6:00 pm EDT
Course: #5033Level: Intermediate2 Hours
PTs are experts in injury prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation, but what happens when we’re the ones hurting? Join Dr. Flexner to learn tactical, evidence-based strategies to prevent or decrease symptoms of burnout and consider proactive approaches to building organizational resilience.

Managing Pain and Stress for Clinicians as Well as Their Patients
Presented by Ann Marie Amber Asselin, PT
Recorded Webinar
Course: #4695Level: Introductory2 Hours
An evidence-based approach for managing pain and stress, incorporating Acupressure, Breathing Regulatory Techniques, Meditation, and Chi Kung

Overcoming Compassion Fatigue in Our Work Environment
Presented by Neely Sullivan, MPT, CLT-LANA, CDP
Recorded WebinarText/Transcript
Course: #4314Level: Introductory2 Hours
This seminar will describe the stages, causes, symptoms, and consequences of compassion fatigue. It will also introduce strategies for assessing levels of stress and implementing strategies to prevent/minimize the development of compassion fatigue in your healthcare setting. This course is directly related to the practice of physical therapy and athletic training and is therefore appropriate for the PT/PTA and AT.

Beating Burnout and Building Resilience: Strategies to Succeed
Presented by Amy M. Schlessman, PT, DPT, DHS
Recorded Webinar
Course: #3939Level: Introductory2 Hours
Burnout among healthcare professionals is widespread. In a national survey of PTs, 29% were found to have high emotional exhaustion burnout. Burnout of healthcare professionals is detrimental to patient care and the professional. This session will provide an overview of the history of burnout, causes, signs, effects, the prevalence in healthcare workers, and strategies to prevent and reduce burnout and build resilience. This course is directly related to the practice of physical therapy and is therefore appropriate for the PT/PTA.

Mindfulness: Beyond Guided Meditation
Presented by Jennifer Stone, PT, DPT, OCS, PHC, TPS, HLC
Recorded Webinar
Course: #3902Level: Intermediate2 Hours
Mindfulness can be a really powerful cognitive-behavioral tool and has many relevant applications when treating patients with pain, especially chronic pain. Many courses for rehabilitation professionals teach guided meditation, which is an amazing tool. However, mindfulness has many other applications and opportunities for use in the treatment of patients with pain. This session discusses the history and science behind mindfulness, as well as provides a variety of practical mindfulness tools for the everyday practitioner. This course is directly related to the practice of physical therapy and is therefore appropriate for the PT/PTA.

Sustaining the Well-Being of Healthcare Workers During Coronavirus
Presented by Kathleen D. Weissberg, OTD, OTR/L, CMDCP, CDP, CFPS
Recorded WebinarAudioText/Transcript
Course: #3733Level: Intermediate1 Hour
The coronavirus (COVID-19) is presenting new and unique challenges. We are navigating unchartered waters with this virus, making it important to find new ways to work and interact while also taking care of our mental health and well-being. Many are teleworking full-time for the first time, isolated from co-workers, friends and family. Others are on the front lines caring for others. No matter what, our daily living routines are disrupted causing added anxiety, stress and strain—physically, mentally, and financially. Now more than ever, we all must take care of our mental health and well-being. The purpose of this session is to provide wellness considerations for work settings as we all navigate the uncharted territory and response to novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). In this webinar, the learner will be offered strategies, exercises, activities and considerations for addressing their own health and wellness including stress management, sleep behaviors, and social connectedness. Additionally, symptoms related to trauma are reviewed along with techniques supervisors can utilize for effective, empathic management.

Beyond Burnout: Returning to Satisfaction and Purpose in Health Care
Presented by John Corsino, PT, DPT
Recorded WebinarAudio
Course: #3528Level: Introductory2 Hours
Burnout is a term used with increasing frequency to describe the attitudes of healthcare providers. Why are we so unsatisfied by the present state of things, and how do we move forward? This course is directly related to the practice of physical therapy and is therefore appropriate for the PT/PTA.

From Survive to Thrive at Work: An Evidence-Based Approach to Healthcare Burnout
Presented by Erika del Pozo, MOT, OTR/L
Recorded WebinarText/Transcript
Course: #3652Level: Introductory2 Hours
The purpose of this course is to examine burnout in the healthcare industry, explore direct and indirect causes, identify personal and professional outcomes, and review best practices for individuals and their teams. Using this holistic approach, practitioners, supervisors, and managers will be instructed on how to implement a variety of personal and team interventions to improve internal coping, stress management behaviors, communication, and team energy dynamics in order to reduce the likelihood of burnout and promote optimal work well-being. This course is directly related to the practice of physical therapy and is therefore appropriate for the PT/PTA.

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