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Four Levels of Skin Breakdown

Jennifer A Gardner, PT, DPT, MHA, CWS

May 5, 2015

What are the levels of skin breakdown and how many are there?   Read More

Medicine Delaying Physical Therapy Progress

Michelle A. Fritsch, Pharm.D., CGP, BCACP

April 28, 2015

When is it appropriate for the therapy team to bring attention to the nursing staff and physician that medicines could be delaying therapy progress?   Read More


Physical Dependence or Addiction?

Michelle A. Fritsch, Pharm.D., CGP, BCACP

April 14, 2015

What is the difference between physical dependence on a medication and addiction?   Read More

Restraint Definition and Examples

Kathleen D. Weissberg, OTD, OTR/L, CMDCP, CDP, OTR/L

April 7, 2015

Can you explain the definition of restraint and examples of restraints?   Read More

Choosing a Ceiling Lift and Insurance Coverage

Rob Horkheimer, PT, MPT, CEAC, CAPS, ECHM

March 24, 2015

Why would you choose a ceiling lift over other lifts? Does insurance pay for any of the lifts?   Read More

Containing Water in the Shower Area and Minimizing Falls

Rob Horkheimer, PT, MPT, CEAC, CAPS, ECHM

March 17, 2015

What do you recommend to contain water in the shower area?   Read More

Burst Fractures and Orthoses

Jared Howell, MS, CPO, LPO

March 10, 2015

What is a burst fracture and how is it treated orthotically?   Read More

Three Purposes for Spinal Orthoses

Jared Howell, MS, CPO, LPO

March 3, 2015

What do spinal orthoses do to assist patients?   Read More

Examples of Indoor Physical Activities for School Children

Amy M. Schlessman, PT, DPT, DHS

February 24, 2015

Can you give a couple ideas of activities for indoors?   Read More

Physical Activity Guidelines for Children

Amy M. Schlessman, PT, DPT, DHS

February 17, 2015

What are the physical activity guidelines for children?   Read More

Ethical Battles in SNF

Mark E. Hyder, PT, DPT, RAC-CT

February 3, 2015

From speaking with colleagues at work in the SNF sector, it appears that there is a constant ethical battle in skilled nursing facilities when it comes to RUG levels and meeting the required minutes s...   Read More


Common Barrier to Patient Adherence/Engagement with Physical Therapy

Kenneth L. Miller, PT, DPT, GCS, CEEAA

January 27, 2015

What is a common possible barrier to patient adherence/compliance to a home program or therapy in general that you have found with home care clients?   Read More


Consequences of Childhood Obesity

Amy M. Schlessman, PT, DPT, DHS

January 20, 2015

What are some of the consequences of childhood obesity both now and down the road?   Read More

Balance Training by Challenging the Sensory System using a Household Item

Kenneth L. Miller, PT, DPT, GCS, CEEAA

January 12, 2015

Can you discuss a clinical example you perform to challenge the sensory system and improve balance confidence?   Read More


Insurance and Reimbursement Regarding Bike Fit

Erik Moen, PT

December 22, 2014

Any trouble with insurance issues with reimbursement regarding bike fit? Do you bill the same CPT codes as with regular PT?   Read More

Symptoms of Atrial Fibrillation

Donald K. Shaw, PT, PhD, D.Min., FAACVPR

December 17, 2014

Besides the ECG readings of atrial fibrillation, will patients have any other symptoms regarding that issue?   Read More


Faulty Jump Pattern Intervention

David Nolan, PT, DPT, MS, OCS, SCS, CSCS

December 15, 2014

What interventions would you do with someone with a faulty jump that collapses inward?   Read More


What are some Backpack Safety Interventions?

Amy M. Schlessman, PT, DPT, DHS

December 3, 2014

What are some backpack safety interventions?   Read More

Balance Control: Troubleshooting for the Patient with a Prosthetic Limb

John Rheinstein, CP, FAAOP

November 26, 2014

Any insights on a patient that stands with most of his weight on the heel of his foot and loses balance backwards frequently? Are there adjustments that can be done?   Read More

How Do Outcomes/Goals Differ in the Early Intervention Setting under IDEA?

Alison Kreger, PT, DPT, PCS, CKTP

November 19, 2014

How do outcomes/goals differ in the early intervention setting under IDEA?   Read More

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