Principles of Strength and Conditioning Applied to Rehabilitation

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This course will outline principles of strength and conditioning as well as their application in the rehabilitation setting. This course is directly related to the practice of physical therapy and athletic training and is therefore appropriate for the PT/PTA and AT.

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Learning Outcomes

  • checkmarkParticipants will be able to list at least three concepts of exercise physiology and understand their application to strength and conditioning.
  • checkmarkParticipants will be able to describe at least five concepts of strength and conditioning programs in order to modify movements for the rehabilitative setting.
  • checkmarkParticipants will be able to outline at least one concept of program design to appropriately progress patients towards plan of care goals.


0-15 Minutes Background, review of learning outcomes
15-30 Minutes Review of exercise physiology as related to strength and conditioning
30-85 Minutes Training concepts and applications forrehabilitation: Mobility & stability, strength & agility, speed, power, powerlifting, Olympic lifting - including modifications for the rehab setting, single vs double limb training, set and rep schemes
85-115 Minutes Program design: sport-specific rehab goals, taskbreakdown, planning, and progression of training, periodization theory and other methods, acute vs chronic training load, complicating factors and finally recovery and rest periods
115-120 Minutes Summary, Q&A


55 Reviews
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