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Introduction to Physical Therapy for Animals

Course: #4159Level: Introductory 2 Hours 2006 Reviews
Recorded Webinar

This 2 contact-hour introductory course is designed for Physical Therapists interested in obtaining primary knowledge and fundamental concepts in PT practice for the non-human animal. It serves as a starting point to gain information about this rapidly growing field which is vital in the provision of evaluation and treatment of disability, injury, and medical conditions in many species of animals. NOTE: Some states do not allow continuing education (CE) for courses on non-human conditions. Check your state’s rules, regulations, and Practice Act, or contact your state board, to determine if this course is acceptable for CE in your state.

Course created on January 21, 2022

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Course Type: Recorded Webinar

CEUs/Hours Offered: AK/2.0; AL/2.0; AR/2.0; AZ/2.0; CA/2.0; CO/2.0; CT/2.0; DC/2.0; DE/2.0; FL/2.0; GA/2.0; HI/2.0; IA/2.0; IACET/0.2; ID/2.0; IL/2.0; IN/2.0; KS/2.0; KY/2.0 Category 2; MA/2.0; ME/2.0; MI/2.0; MN/2.0; MO/2.0; MS/2.0; MT/2.0; NC/2.0; ND/2.0; NE/2.0; NH/2.0; NY/2.0; OK/2.0; OR/2.0; PA/2.0; RI/2.0; SC/2.0; SD/2.0; TN/2.0; TX/2.0; UT/2.0; VA/2.0; VT/2.0; WA/2.0; WI/2.0; WY/2.0

Learning Outcomes

  • checkmarkParticipants will be able to list two key structural differences in quadruped animals compared to bipedal human beings
  • checkmarkParticipants will be able to identify normal postural toplines in dogs and recognize how their form correlates to function
  • checkmarkParticipants will be able to identify three conditions frequently encountered in animal PT practice
  • checkmarkParticipants will be able to identify at least two normal gait patterns and abnormal gait deviations in dogs
  • checkmarkParticipants will be able to identify two reliable sources of information that help determine qualifications for practice on non-human animals in your state


0-15 Minutes Background, review of learning outcomes
15-30 Minutes Educational training, branding, professional standards, regulations, legal & liability Issues, practice settings
30-45 Minutes Classification of animals, body planes, anatomical structures, and major joints
45-60 Minutes Posture, toplines, form, and function
60-75 Minutes Gait patterns, deviations
75-100 Minutes Virtual Lab: Canine breed identification, major joint and body part identification, common conditions encountered in PT
100-115 Minutes Evidence, interventions
115-120 Minutes Summary, Q&A


2006 Reviews

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Presenter Disclosure: •Financial disclosures: The presenter is the sole owner of Joycare Onsite, LLC that is her private practice for animal PT in which she provides evaluation, treatment, and consultation to pets/pet owners. Joycare Media is a division of Joycare Onsite and is the media and publishing arm of her business from which she receives royalties from her 2 published books: Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for Animals: A Guide for the Consumer and All Hands on Pet. Her books are distributed and printed through Ingram/Lightning Source. The presenter will also receive an honorarium for this course. •Non-financial disclosures: The presenter is a member of the APTA and IAVRPT

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