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Handling Disruptive Behaviors

Emily Fleischman, PT, DPT, GCS

January 29, 2020

How do you handle disruptive behaviors of hallucinations and delusions?   Read More


Troponin Lab Value and PT

Adele Myszenski, PT, MPT

October 24, 2017

Can you explain how Troponin level is used and how it relates to PT?   Read More

Berg Balance and Assistive Device Use

Sharon L. Gorman, PT, DPTSc, GCS

September 28, 2016

Can you have a patient use an assitive device when using the Berg to predict fall risk?   Read More


Medicine Delaying Physical Therapy Progress

Michelle A. Fritsch, Pharm.D., CGP, BCACP

April 28, 2015

When is it appropriate for the therapy team to bring attention to the nursing staff and physician that medicines could be delaying therapy progress?   Read More


Symptoms of Atrial Fibrillation

Donald K. Shaw, PT, PhD, D.Min., FAACVPR

December 17, 2014

Besides the ECG readings of atrial fibrillation, will patients have any other symptoms regarding that issue?   Read More


How Do You Treat Persistent Orthostasis?

Adele Myszenski, PT

October 22, 2014

How do you treat persistent orthostasis? How much of a drop do you allow, especially if their dizziness is inconsistent?   Read More


Determining Artifact in ECGs

Donald K. Shaw, PT, PhD, D.Min., FAACVPR

September 1, 2014

How can you determine artifact versus an abnormal rhythm on an ECG?   Read More


Exercise while on Beta Blockers

Donald K. Shaw, PT, PhD, D.Min., FAACVPR

June 9, 2014

How do people on beta blockers and blood pressure lowering medications tolerate exercise? How can they increase their cardiac output?   Read More


Lymphedema: Are Open Wounds a Contraindication for Compression Bandaging?

Amy H. Pannullo, PT, DPT, WCS, CLT, Kirsten I. Wightman, PT, DPT, CLT

December 11, 2013

Is compression bandaging contraindicated for clients with open wounds or weeping?   Read More


The Decision to use PRN Oxygen in a Treatment Session

Bini Litwin, PT, DPT, PhD, MBA

November 13, 2013

If you are working with a patient who has oxygen ordered PRN, at what point would you decide if you would put the oxygen on during your treatment session?   Read More

Using the Karvonen Heart Rate Formula

Bini Litwin, PT, DPT, PhD, MBA

October 9, 2013

Under what circumstrances would you use the Karvonen Heart Rate Formula?   Read More

Functional Ways to Measure Attention in Patients Post Stroke


June 6, 2013

What are some ways that you measure attention in patients post-stroke?   Read More


Improving the Aerobic Capacity in Patients with CHF

Donald K. Shaw, PT, PhD, D.Min., FAACVPR

April 23, 2013

Do CHF patients improve aerobic capacity primarily through heart rate?   Read More


Footwear Options for Stable Eschar on a Heel Wound

Jennifer A Gardner, PT, DPT, MHA, CWS

January 18, 2013

Can patients wear shoes with stable eschar?   Read More


Is Pulse Lavage Still Relevant in Wound Care?

Jennifer A Gardner, PT, DPT, MHA, CWS

January 16, 2013

Is pulse lavage still being used? In what way?   Read More


Choosing the Right Pressure Relief Device for the Heel

Jennifer A Gardner, PT, DPT, MHA, CWS

January 3, 2013

How do you decide which heel relief device to use for your patients? What are the different options available?   Read More


Need Help Drafting a Letter of Medical Necessity?

Kirsten Davin, OTD, OTR/L, ATP, SMS

September 19, 2012

Do you manually type your letters of medical necessity or is there an electronic documentation system that you use?   Read More


The Lifespan of a Wheelchair Cushion

Kirsten Davin, OTD, OTR/L, ATP, SMS

August 3, 2012

Many facilities maintain an inventory of wheelchair cushions in their storage closets. Some of those cushions have been there for quite some time. How do you know that they are still going to properl...   Read More


Wheelchair Positioning for the Bariatric Patient

Kirsten Davin, OTD, OTR/L, ATP, SMS

August 2, 2012

What is the optimal wheelchair positioning for obese individuals with a majority of their weight around their hips? Are there specific positioning techniques to utilize so that they can assist with p...   Read More


Utrasound versus Diathermy

Andrew Starsky, PT, PhD

June 13, 2012

Are you aware of evidence of the usage of ultrasound versus diathermy?   Read More