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Help: Using the Course Library

Introduction to course search on

You can search the library by a variety of filters, including Course Format, Topic, State, Association, and Duration. Use these filters alone or in combination to find courses to meet your needs. A search box is also available to query on topic or presenter name. We hope this guide will provide direction to help you effectively search the library for the courses you need to get the most out of your membership!

Course Library Filter Options

Course filter options on

  • Course Format: We offer live webinars, recorded webinars, text, and audio courses. Select any of these icons to filter on course format.
  • Topic: Choose courses from more than 20 topics.
  • State: Refer to the section of this guide related to Physical Therapists to learn how to use this filter. 
  • Association: We offer courses that are approved by a variety of associations in the field and the association filter allows you to further define your search results to find these courses.
  • Duration: Filter on length of course.

The State menu in the library was designed to identify courses that would be acceptable by state licensing boards of physical therapy.  By selecting a state from that menu, the search results include courses to meet license renewal requirements for PTs/PTAs licensed in that state. The information in the “State Approval” window at the top of the results will provide additional information about your state. Please note that entering a state PT license in your professional profile on will result in a default selection of that state in the State menu.

Most state licensing boards for ATs accept courses offered by BOC Approved Providers to meet license renewal requirements. is approved by the Board of Certification, Inc. to provide continuing education for Certified Athletic Trainers. To help you maintain your AT license as well as your BOC Certification, we offer Category A courses. To find BOC courses to meet your AT license, make sure the state filter in the Course Library is set to “All States” and then select “BOC” from the Associations menu.

For Dual Licensure and for PTs Maintaining BOC Certification

Only a portion of the courses in the library are targeted toward the AT scope of practice. To find courses that meet the requirements of state physical therapy licensure, as well as those of AT licensure and/or BOC Certification, visit the Course Library and select the state of your PT/PTA license from the “State” menu. Then, select “BOC” from the “Associations” menu. The courses that appear in the search results should meet the approval requirements of both your PT and AT licenses. Please remember to review the information in the “State Approval” window at the top of the results for further information about your state.

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