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Physical Therapy and Spina Bifida

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Level: Introductory

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Course Abstract

This course will provide an overview of spina bifida including typical presentation, associated symptoms, and common co-morbidities. Current research will be presented and analyzed. A case study will be used to assist the learner in the application to practice in the treatment of children with spina bifida based on evidence based practice.
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This course was recorded on August 6, 2013


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Course Learning Outcomes

  • Identify common characteristic of spina bifida
  • Identify common impairments in infants and children with spina bifida
  • Describe sensorimotor characteristic of spina bifida
  • Identify ways clinicians and researchers can facilitate evidence-based rehabilitation
  • Evaluate current interventions and their potential to influence change in children with spina bifida.

Time-ordered Agenda

0-25 Minutes Background and Overview
25-60 Minutes Information on spina bifida
60-90 Minutes Evidence-based research
90-105 Minutes Application to your practice and case study
105-115 Minutes Techniques and treatment
115-120 Minutes Q&A

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Most Recent Comments

Review by: diann on January 15, 2015
Nice review; pauses were a little long @ times.
Review by: Anitha on January 7, 2015
Presentation of slides and explanation
Review by: Mike on January 7, 2015
good overview
Review by: Catherine on November 29, 2014
Instructor used her slides not only for written info but the pictures were particularly helpful as she talked through them.
Review by: Michelle on November 26, 2014
Good information, link to clinical practice
Review by: Louise on October 31, 2014
organization of the content. Would have liked more information on bowel and bladder training
Review by: Denise on September 26, 2014
Lots of detailed information
Review by: stacy on September 21, 2014
Presenter was very knowledgeable. Good review of neurology and clinical implications.
Review by: Aimee on August 19, 2014
Very knowledgable presenter
Review by: Robert on August 15, 2014
Lots of information well organized and clearly presented
Review by: Leslie on June 30, 2014
Good information presented in a well-organized format
Review by: Adrien on June 13, 2014
Clear and concise information with handouts that supported the details provided. Content was reinforced by photographs and diagrams.
Review by: Nikki on June 12, 2014
Good speaker, knowledgeable
Review by: Patricia on May 28, 2014
Review by: Jennifer on May 20, 2014
Amount of information was very helpful.
Review by: Hanna on April 14, 2014
Great information overall regarding spina bifida.
Review by: Kristen on February 24, 2014
Review by: Monica on February 21, 2014
Easy to follow, well organized, and good handouts to keep on file.
Review by: Jason on January 6, 2014
great information
Review by: john on January 3, 2014
The topic
Review by: Ellene on December 26, 2013
I have completed a number of online courses through other providers and have never learned as much as I did with this course.
Review by: Elizabeth on November 5, 2013
Specific information shared to help PT role with Spina Bifida.
Review by: Ryan on October 10, 2013
Review by: Daniel on October 2, 2013
The content was comprehensive, and yet the presenter provided some "extras" that were pertinent and worth the extra time.
Review by: Jill on September 12, 2013
Course material was presented in an organized manner and explained well by the instructor.
Review by: Rebecca on September 3, 2013
Accurate up to date information.
Review by: joshua on August 30, 2013
knowledgeable presenter
Review by: Matthew on August 27, 2013
very informative
Review by: Jacques on August 21, 2013
Informative, and easily understood. course left me with a desire to learn more about the subject .

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Course Presenter

jill c heathcock

Jill C. Heathcock, PT, MPT, PhD

Jill Heathcock is an assistant professor of physical therapy at The Ohio State University and director of the infant lab. Dr. Heathcock received her doctoral training at the University of Delaware where she studied the role of movement training on reaching, coordination and learning behaviors of infants born preterm. As a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Michigan, Dr. Heathcock studied sensorimotor performance during partial body weight supported treadmill training in infants with spina bifida and preterm birth. Her current research projects include rehabilitation and reaching paradigms within infant born preterm and those with neonatal stroke; brain-behavior relationships in infants with brain injury using advanced imaging techniques such as non-sedation MRI; and sensorimotor characteristics of infants at risk for autism.

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AK/2.0; AR/2.0; AZ/2.0; CA/2.0; CO/2.0; CT/2.0; DE/2.0; GA/2.0; HI/2.0; IA/2.0; ID/2.0; IL/2.0; IN/2.0; KY/2.0; MA/2.0; ME/2.0; MI/2.0; MO/2.0; MT/2.0; NC/2.0; ND/2.0; NE/2.0; NH/2.0; NY/2.0; OR/2.0; RI/2.0; SD/2.0; UT/2.0; VA/2.0; VT/2.0; WA/2.0; WI/2.0; WY/2.0

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